Code Style

This section of the styleguide should serve as a resource for code style recommendations to all developers. It is not complete and should be updated if a developer has a recomendation that they couldn't already find in these guides.

To make additions, please fork/branch the repository, make your changes and submit a pull request for review. The source for these guides currently lives in source/css/code-style in tk-bootstrap. Make sure to include examples of code that follows and doesn't follow your new recommendation. Many code style recommendations can actually be programmatically tested for or fixed. For example, we use jshint and scss-lint in tk-bootstrap and rubocop in theknotlayout. If time and your patience allows, try to also implement an automated way to test for and/or fix code style violations.

If you'd like to make changes instead of updates, please schedule a discussion with at least 2 senior engineers to talk about the issue so that we can make sure we make good decisions and everyone agrees.